Operational Security Hardened Infrastructure

OSHI Technologies LLC is an IT Security Consultancy based in the Seattle area. Founded in in 2015 by a former Microsoft Security Operations Manager, we hold decades of real-world, front-line, blood-sweat & tears experience in the design, build, and management of production class IT environments. Thinking about O365? Yeah, we do that too…

The Mission: Empower small business owners with data-driven guidance for securing intellectual property, preserving credibility, and building BCDR friendly infrastructure solutions.

The Why: The small business sector within the continental US constitutes greater than 48% of all jobs in the private sector; of those, more than 60% report they do not have a formal emergency-response plan beyond local backups of financial data.

Our Philosophy: We take great care to highlight the value of building an effective BCDR plan without sensationalizing the misfortune of others or by capitalizing on fear based rhetoric. We do however, endorse the “assume breach” and “not if, but when” methodologies in our overall strategy.