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The greatest benefit from achieving an effective measure of security is peace of mind. Total security is unusable, casual precautions are no longer enough. We partner with organizations who appreciate the value of protecting their infrastructure, intellectual property, and reputation.

Cyber Security Research – Identify active external threats. Engage internal dialogue to assess operational gaps. Connect with trusted experts who will understand your business. Investigate solutions that meet your needs.

  • We are actively tracking exploit trends, patch announcements, legislative changes, cyber-attack reports, and conducting hands-on reviews of IT Security solutions.

Infrastructure Planning – Build effective BCDR readiness without re-inventing the business or breaking the bank. A good plan is organic and leverages technology that will adapt as your organization grows.

  • Supporting organizations who are reducing their attack surface, implementing network monitoring, and migrating e-mail services for geo-redundancy and phishing detection.

Education & Training – Disasters come in all shapes & sizes, which means every employee has a responsibility to understand and demonstrate Operational Security in the context of their role.

  • We are actively developing a portfolio of educational material designed to help organizations provide interactive, interesting, and valuable BCDR training.

Disaster Recovery Support – Having a solid business continuity plan doesn’t mean the organization is immune to disaster. It does however, enable and sometimes speed recovery when before recovery might not have been possible.

  • We offer many services for on-site support to organizations with a developing disaster recovery situation. Schedule a free consultation to find out more.